Monday, 21 November 2011

where has the time gone?

It seems many months has passed and i havent kept up with the blog.
worry not, although im working on another project, the scouts arent going anywhere.

Those of you who read my last blog post have probably wondered how i got on in my last tournament, the truth is not very well.
i ended up mid table with 2 wins and 2 losses, it was a bad days dice rolling where i didnt even win a single first turn roll off, which when you consider the alpha strike potential of the shrike based army was a big kick in the fleshy pouch.
Still to get 2 wins was pretty good, the bottom table loomed after my first two defeats and i only just scraped a win against my tau opponent in game three, my dice were so bad i was losing in assault to firewarriors. The shame!!!!!!
anyway a turn 5 fleet to take and hold as many objectives saw me clinche the game despite only having 8 models left, the fact that everything scores can be an advantage.

Still after every big game or tournament i like to examine my progress and determine if i need to change direction, sadly after all the years of work i think i have taken a wrong turn.
Shrike, despite his awesomeness of giving everyone fleet really paints a scout army into an alpha striking corner, the army becomes very two dimensional, win big or lose big.
and if im honest ive felt that in my games too.

so ive decided to take a step backwards and look at khan again.
eventually ill build a command squad and khan on bike, but for the time being i think ill re-invent an old list and use my horde approach for upcoming tournaments

Chaplain with combi-flamer
10 ccw scouts, power fist, combi-flamer
10 snipers, telion, ML
10 bolter scouts, power fist, HB
LSS with MM
5 LSS scouts with ccw, combi melta and meltabombs
LSS with MM
5 LSS scouts with ccw, combi-melta and meltabombs
10 scout bikes, power fist, 3 grenade launchers, cluster mines
thunderfire cannon
thunderfire cannon
10 snipers, ML

i am considering replacing the last ten snipers with a quad plasma command squad, they are a half decent way to get some high strength low AP weapons into a scout force and in tournaments thats sorely needed, time and playtesting will tell.

hopefully im attending a 2 day event in january, so wish me luck as i experiment some more with my lists.
who knows with 6th ed looming next summer those land speeder storms may become dedicated transports, my army could become mechanised


  1. good to see you're still playing your 10th company army.

    Your blog & posts inspired me to start up my own 10th comp army and i'm in the process of building the minis i'm lacking to give it a try (2 storms and 5 more scout bikes)

    look forward to see how you'll perform at that event as i won't be able to try it myself until at least march i think !

  2. hi gromuk
    apologies for the late reply, i didnt realise i had any comments (i thought id get an email telling me)
    anyway as mentioned im really not tech savvy.

    fast attack really is the crux of any and every scout army, storms are paper planes, but they are filled with dynamite.
    scout bikes can work in 5's, i prefer larger numbers for those re-rolling bolter shots, i rarely ever combat squad them anymore either.
    let me know how you get on

  3. hello again and no worries, i'm going to try it at last in two days ^^

    captain on bike w relic blade and melta bombs

    4 snipers, 1 missile launcher, 5 shotguns (go in the storm)
    4 snipers, 1 missile launcher, 5 shotguns (go in the storm)
    8 boltguns

    1 storm w flamer
    1 storm w flamer
    10 bikes, 3 astartes launchers, 1 power fist

    1k points

    my ally will bring raven gard w shrike, 8 assault marines, 2*4 snipers + MLauncher, 7 scouts with ccw & power fist, 3 bikes w 2 plasmas, one attack bike w m-melta, 5 devastators w 4 missile launcher.

    we will play against 2x1k armies, i'll let you know how it went !
    i wanted to bring melta bombs in the storms too but i don't know where to find the points :(