Sunday, 16 January 2011

Heres my first LSS MK2 scouts, apologies for the poor quality pic.

over the holidays i worked on a few changes to the list including the JP librarian that i mentioned in my last post. I tried him out for a bit and was completely underwhelmed so quickly dropped him again.
what i have done is added another ten man sniper squad and replaced one of my LSS teams with 2 typhoon speeders for extra anti-mech.

its all still theory at the moment, but i hope to have the main block of my army list worked out after this coming weekend, as im off to westbury for a weekend of gaming with the ultramarine guys from the bolterandchainsword site.

heres what im currently running at 1750:

10 ccw scouts, fist, combi-melta
10 snipers, Telion, ML
10 snipers, HB
10 bolter scouts, ML, fist
5 ccw scouts, fist, combi-melta
2 typhoons
thunderfire cannon
thunderfire cannon
10 scout bikes, fist, 3GL

the changes im 'considering' would be to drop the second unit of snipers in favour of another unit type, probably assault scouts.
i can also remove the typhoons and replace them with a melta storm and five scouts as above for exactly the same cost.. so far the typhoons have been a little hit or miss so im not sure if im sticking with them just yet.
If i do change back to the 5 scouts and LSS id probably switch the snipers for another choice, otherwise id be assault scout heavy, so i still have a lot of choices to make, should this list dissapoint.

As of febuary im working hard on getting my MK2 scouts finsihed, ill make sure to post more pics and updates of my work and progress.
if anyone wants to read my recent battle reports you can find them here:

until next time, thanks for reading.