Sunday, 17 April 2011

almost there

ive been pretty busy of late, which goes someway to explaining my lack of activity on this blog, a truer reason would be to state my degree of laziness ;)

I have however been very busy painting in preparation for a tournament at basingstoke in may, its called "a small matter of honour" and its run by the sad muppet guys (i kid you not) I had alot of fun there last year, and hope this year to do better, my full painting progress can be found here:

When i first started out with scouts, i fully admit it wasnt becuase i particuarly loved them, in truth it was a challenge. I thought they could be competative, where many others thought i was kidding myself. Obviously since then i have really immersed myself in the tenth and have formed a really in depth appreciation for the little guys. I consider my initial aims to be pretty much complete, i proved they could be competative, however a much bigger challenge is ahead, since the space wolves and blood angel dexes were released ive found difficulties in beating them, its not impossible just alot more difficult than standard space marine forces. Recent experience with the grey knights has further compounded these issues. With servo skulls and shrouding they are proving a tough nut, and seem to have the tools to counter my best punches.

So heres the thing, not one to give up or balk at a challenge, im meeting these new armies head on, i may have to include the odd non-scout unit, but my new goal is to create an army which can combat any other force on the competative circuit, it will mean a few changes in my current list and some definate changes in my combo of tactics, the basics will reamin the same, but i will have to get creative.

Its definately a big ask, he first hurdle for me to conquer is the upcoming tournament. unfortunately i dont have the time to change my list before then, so i will have to rely on sheer luck and sneaky gameplay to get past any GK opponents.

So watch this space, lets see if the noobs can scale the obstacles before them.