Tuesday, 14 September 2010

its blog time again, its good to see i have guys following my progress.

when i first started playing with scout armies (shortly after 5th ed release) people were very reluctant to beleive they could work. It took the best part of a year but eventually i proved alot of people wrong.
Its probably the biggest reason why i kept pushing them, playing nothing but scouts for the best part of two years wasnt easy after all.

recently i decided to start a new project, so i went to a new online forum and explained my background. It wasnt long before i got the same comments as i had when i first started my army. People making fun, underestimating my army and my scouts!
For me this wasnt offensive in any way, but it does get my blood pumping to want to disprove them... so here i go on another big push to prove thier worthiness.
although i know they dont need championing it was the spur i needed to keep plugging away, expect to see alot more from my army in the coming months.

as an update on recent battles and plans, i have been running a list with more AP weapons and no special characters, background/fluff has always been important to me and im pleased to say my new lsit has worked incredibly well.. although i have lost a few of my recent games they have stood against some serious competative armies.. that and a few of my losses has been to bad dice rolls..
i have since forced my dice cube to watch whilst i melted an old monopoly die i had.. i feel they have learned thier lesson and will behave from now onwards.

im currently running with two MM LSS (with scouts armed with combi-melta and meltabombs) aswell as a captain and command squad with 4 plasmaguns to bring my AP weapons up a notch.
The command squad have especially performed well and although it smacks of cheese flavoured metagaming i have little other options available.

after a little thought, ive decided to try a second unit of scout bikes, the bolter scouts i use are pretty good but BS3 is a huge loss, scout bikes on the other hand have twin linked bolters and T5, aswell as the option to take grenade launchers, which are just the coolest thing ever.
a second unit of bikes means i have to drop a LSS with MM (aswell as the bolter scouts), which is tough incase i ever face twin raiders but ill cross that bridge when i get to it, that and make sure i have meltabombs spread as liberally as possible.
it will also enable me to run two full squads of snipers, the list looks like this:

captain, relic blade, storm bolter, meltabombs
command squad, 4 plasmaguns
10 scouts, power fist, combi-flamer, ccws
10 scouts, snipers, HB
10 scouts, snipers, telion, ML, cloaks
5 scouts, combi-melta, meltabombs, shotguns
10 scout bikes, power fist, 3 grenade launchers
10 scout bikes, power fist, 3 grenade launchers
land speeder storm with MM
thunderfire cannon
thunderfire cannon

this is probably the lowest number of scouts ive ever run, but with 20 at T5, they should be twice as effective as reguar bolter scouts..
watch this space, i cant run this just yet as im a few bikes short, but ill be buying them in the next week, in the mean time im running the same list minus one unit of bikes, with added LSS and a unit of bolter scouts.

thanks for tuning in.

oh before i forget my LSS has been named the tomb slayer in memory of its infamy for destroyinh a monolith in its first outing at the ultra-meets two years ago
My second (although being retired for a while) is named the indomitable