Monday, 28 June 2010

Shrike hits the table

Well its taken a little longer than i hoped but here he finally is..
I tried out a few lists on the weekend against a very good opponent with a solid deathwing list. Its a good way to see where my list is weakest as scouts always struggle against massed terminators. Anyway with some tweeking im running a true scout horde in the next game to see how they cope:
2 x 10 ccw scouts
2 x 10 bolter scouts
10m scout bikers
2 thunderfires
2 typhoon speeders
2 MM/HF speeders
5 snipers with Telion

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

thunderfire cannons

Ive been using t-fires for quite a while now... To begin with i had a few comments about how they dont suit a fast moving scout force. So i sat down and went to work (with a little help from my friends), after several different ideas were thrown out we settled on the idea of this, based loosely around a WW2 german kettenkrad.
We chopped a bike down and fitted it with plasti-card putting plasticard track covers on also.

Although it has no practical use in game terms, it makes the background more realistic, at least no-one can say it doesnt fit the theme anymore ;)

general update

Hi folks, i hope people are following this blog, otherwise all im doing is talking to myself. I dont really want anyone to know how crazy i am just yet ;)

anyway, i have a few friendly games coming up and will soon be starting work on my shrike and vangaurd squad. its my newest scout list. Its more of an experiment really to see if shrike adds something new and different as opposed to my regular HQ Khan.
im not sold on the vanguard as they are very expensive and may end up swapping them for some more assault scouts.
My current khan list did very well at the sad muppets "a small matter of honour", taking tenth place from 40 players. Im starting to feel that im finding the competative edge that ive long been searching for.
Alot of that success is down to the thunderfire cannons, i currently run two but would love to run a third.

anyway my newest adventure sees me dropping scout bikes in favour of three landspeeder storms, ill have to proxy some scouts as i dont have the shotgunners made up, but it wont be long before i pick up some more scout boxes.
Im keeping the snipers and t-fires as they are brilliant and will always include assault scouts, with the shrike list these bad boys will get a chance for alpha strikes, something which they couldnt achieve in my khan list, relying instead on outflanking every game.

The list looks like this:
5 vanguard (2Pw and relicblade/hammer)
10 assault scouts with fist
2 x 10 snipers with ML, one has Telion
2 thunderfires
2 LSS with multi-melta
2 5 man scout squads with combi-melta and metlabombs (scouts have shotguns)
1 LSS with heavy flamer
5 assault scouts with fist and combi-flamer.

Fingers crossed this works, i guess my next step would be to use a Khan on bike, i have a model already made up, but i would prfer to run him with a command squad on bikes, a unit that i dont have and would take me a while (and a lot of £££) to make up.
I figure i can get alot of mileage from shrike at the moment so i can get to work on expanding my number of models in the background.
Pics and updates to follow