Wednesday, 25 April 2012

New Mark III project

Id like to introduce you all to my newest scout conversion and colour scheme.
This is for my latest project, details will be in my next, much longer post.
For now i just wanted to show off little Stevie here.

take care chaps

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

revitalising my scouts

howdy chaps, another long awaited update is finally happening

first off id like to say, if anyone has any questions or queries then please feel free to comment on my posts, i try to answer everytime somone contacts me.
alternatively i can be reached over at the bolterandchainsword, which is where the complete set of my articles can also be found.

so what have the tenth been up to lately? well i attended a doubles tournament in a nearby village in febuary, the real kicker was that is was 750 points and teams were chosen at random on the day, so i had to pick my army well and have a little of everything thrown in.
thats not easy for marines at 750 points, even for the cheaper scouts.
ive included my army picture at the top of this page, sadly im not very tech savvy and cant work out how to add pics in amongst the text.

anyway the list is as follows:
ten snipers with telion, ML
LSS with MM
5 ccw scouts with combi-melta, meltabombs
thunderfire cannon
thunderfire cannon

strangely i was paired with an ork horde, which as it turned out was pretty cool, i enjoyed the day thoroughly and my team mate was awesome.
anyway we played 3 games during the day, our first against the mighty legion of taurus (curtousy of firestormuk, or hads_chaos_dude to his close mates), he was teamed with a generic space marine army.
to cut ahead, my army was pretty much the only challenge to Hads' LoT in the best army comp, but sadly i came in second.
Still i never mind losing when youve competition of this calibre

anyway as karma likes to even things out, the combined might of the tenth and ork horde completely tore them up, my shrike was the man of the match, taking on a sniper squad with an alpha strike, then beating a squad of plague marines sent to tie him up, he folllowed up this hearty meal with a side dish of 3 berserkers before the great tasting dessert of beating kharn the betrayer in one on one combat.
it turned into a complete whitewash earning us maximum victory points and catapulting us to top spot after game one.

game two saw us face off against a daemon army paired wth imperial guard, it was a bit worrying but we won first turn and my alpha strikes saw me decimate the IG forces, destroying 40 of his 67
models in turn one, the daemons came in bit by bit and were handled by the orks. It was my scout combat squad that won the day holding a bastion from 4 times thier number of imperial guard and a squad of plaguebearer daemons.
again scoring heavy on victory points put us well out of reach on the top spot of the table.

turn 3 we were in a strong position, unless we were completely wiped out for little loss, it was unlikely anyone could catch us.
we were paired against the TO's and thier combined space wolf and grey knight armies, featuring no less than 4 twin autocannon dreads
given the strenght of our opponents and some abysmal luck my whole army was wiped out in turn two, all i managed was to damage two rhinos (earning 35 VPs), my quip about getting wiped out was looking to come true and lose us the tournament.
Still full marks for my opponent, who despite being outnumbered by a superior enemy (and becuase i bore the brunt of shooting for two turns) held in and managed a respectable tally of kills to hold our top spot on victory points.

so even though i was completely outmatched and wiped out in game three, we still won the tournament, i suppose theres a lesson in there somewhere, but id rather just moan about the overpowered-ness of space wolves and grey knights if im honest.

before i call it a day on this post id like to briefly mention my overall progress of my army, since winning the tournament my luck has been really bad, probably the worst its been in years.
sadly the tenth has performed miserably of late, which really prompted my planned change of HQ choices.
i have put together a khan on bike and kitbashed him a mounted command squad, i havent got around to painting them all yet but do have this one test mini:

my current plan is to use another special character to add some kick to my melta teams, thats right im going to use Vulkan.
most of you wo know me will probably swear at me, since ive always been opposed to using meta lists and interwebz units and Ics like vulkan, however im confident that in a scout list he will be unique enough to forgive these issues.

im also planning to experiement with different codexes, proxying my scouts to find a good fit, mainly to keep things fresh.

and of course lastly id like to briefly mention that this years ultra-meet at GWHQ is fast approaching, the tenth has its annual grudge match vs the evil necrons, as it stands its 3-0 to the tenth, but in truth i fear what diabolic plans my opponenty has for me this year, since his update he has been rubbing his hands with glee and plans his vengeance.
ill let y'all know how we get on