Friday, 26 November 2010

new scenic bases

hi guys.

ive finally finished my unit of bolter scouts and put them on resin bases.
ive started working on my close combat scouts and have totally redesigned my LSS scouts.
Seeing as they are 'special' and my more iconic scout units i wanted them to stand out beyond the normal close combat scouts.
i had originally intended to take shotguns on the storms, but i find after thier initial hit they usually get charged, so ive taken close combat scouts to make sure they are capable of hitting back and causing a wound or two.

anyway i ordered some heads from pig iron productions, i figured the stuanch ultramarines would have some degree of health and safety so the LSS crews are going to have helmets on ;)
ive also given them chainswords over combat blades, really makes the difference.
im not entirely sold on the heads yet, they may be a little small for the larger bodies but nice i get one painted ill be able to see properly.

for a full view of the finished unit use the following link

i havent followed through with my threats of using 20 scout bikers, they just cost way too much, in preparation for the sad muppets tournament in may im going to start trying lists early.
my first list will use a jump pack libby atatched to Shrike, im using him as a epistolary, but if i find hes too expensive for what he brings then ill drop that upgrade and a few other bits and take another 5 scout snipers.. you can never have enough snipers.

im also very pleased with GWs new FAQ stating a model with stealth does grant it to the unit, this saves me 30 points on camo cloaks, im now just waiting to see if they have a stance on whether or not cereberus launchers can be stacked on a single unit.

ill get piccies up of my next units asap, the next big event for me is the ultrameet in january and i want to have most of the work done by then

thanks for tuning in again.

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  1. gscrusader I been watching your updates dont worry.I am over in the US working on producing a scout army of my own. I agree with the update of stealth but took a beating with the landspreederstorms moving flatout can cause a dead team if just immobilized. That the biggest thing with the FAQ print out for scouts. I Haven't read over all your tournaments recaps but I somewhat got a decent scout army going. 4th place and a 2nd place in the local events around my area. The biggest thing to mention in comparing your list to mine is that I been running an ironclad dreadnought with the list. Main point to mention is that he has the move threw cover and I think for a light scout unit they could call in a dreadnought or something build equal to it to help clear out dense area as well tank bust. The only other thing is I have been running Kon and Strike as a double up effect. You add the Fleet with fast moving scout movements has been very useful to in the beginning phase of a match ignore half an opponent army.