Sunday, 22 August 2010

change of direction

i havent updated in some time but ill briefly highlight my adventures in the last weeks.

I took on my friends deathwing army again.. twice
and lost again.. twice!

Its a strange feeling to be so humbled, considering my success and pretty decent win rate, but fighting massed terminators is like hitting a brick wall.
Scout bikes however killed a squad of five with massed grenade launcher and bolter fire which was impressive.
It has always been a good way to try out new lists and tactics, and although i cant take a huge amount from the games (his list is very unique) its always a challenge to go up against him.

anyway that same week i faced a decent blood angels list, and have come to the conclusion that my army is short on two things:
high AP weapons.
I shall try and write a list that covers these two points.

Furthermore my aim over the next few months is to create a viable and competative list without using special characters. This should pose to be my biggest challenge yet as scouts have no natural HQ choice.

MK2 scouts:
as a quick footnote, the change of my army to MK2 goes well, a full unit of bolter scouts has been converted and painted, whilst ccw scouts and scout bikers are starting to see the first converisons. I hope to be able to start work on my MK2 land speeder storm crew.
unfortunately im a slow painter which slows my progress somewhat

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